Twin XL Size Luxury Firm Pillow Top Beautyrest Mattresses
Luxury Firm Pillow Top
Luxury Firm Pillow Top?
What Does Luxury Firm Pillow Top Comfort Mean?
Luxury firm pillow top mattresses have an added layer of padding, upholstery and/or memory foam sewn in to the top of a luxury firm mattress. The extra layer sewn in to the top provides an additional layer of softness. A great choice for those who love a firm mattress with a little cushion. The top layer sewn on isn't woven as tight, so there's a "give." As a visual reference only, luxury firm pillow top mattresses compare to laying down on a blanket on top of a shaggy carpet. Luxury firm pillow top mattresses still have the comfort & support that will ensure you receive the best night's sleep.
Comfort Rating: 4
Recommended For: Back & Stomach Sleepers
Twin XL Luxury Firm Pillow Top Firm Mattress Bundles
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