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Luxury Plush
Luxury Plush?
What Does Luxury Plush Comfort Mean?
Plush & luxury plush have a sleeping surface that's not tighly woven and offers a bouncy feel that provides adequate "give." Plush & luxury plush mattresses are the most popular comfort choices. It's the perfect balance of, "Not too hard & not too soft." It offers the best compromise which is ideal when you're sharing a mattress with a partner with different comfort preferences. Majority of sleepers will find this level comfortable. Interestingly enough, most 4 & 5 star hotels have plush & luxury plush mattresses in their hotel rooms. Plush & luxury plush mattresses still have the comfort & support that will ensure you receive the best night's sleep.
Comfort Rating: 5-7
Recommended For: Back, Side & Stomach Sleepers
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