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What Does Twin XL Size Mean?
Twin XL Size, stands for Twin Extra Long. If you're sharing a mattress with a partner, combining two (2) Twin XL mattresses will provide dual comforts (Example: 1 side firm, 1 side soft). Two (2) Twin XL mattresses side by side = 1 king Size mattress.

Dimensions: 39" x 80"
Twin XL Size
Adjustable Bases Explained
What Does Queen Size Mean?
Queen size mattresses are the most popular standard size mattresses. A queen size mattress allows enough space for two (2) sleepers sharing the mattress to each have 30" or nearly 3 feet of personal sleeping space each.

Dimensions: 60" x 80"
Queen Size
Adjustable Bases Explained
What Does Split King Size Mean?
There are 2 mattresses side by side (left side & right side) each can be personalized to offer a different comfort level. As an example; left side firm, right side soft. Each mattress is placed on top of an independently controlled adjustable base, controlled by a wireless remote. This is the perfect solution for couples that have different mattress preferences that want complete luxury sleep.

Dimensions:2 Units | 39" x 80"
Split King Size
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