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What Does Twin XL Size Mean?
Twin XL Size, stands for Twin Extra Long. If you're sharing a mattress with a partner, combining two (2) Twin XL mattresses will provide dual comforts (Example: 1 side firm, 1 side soft). Two (2) Twin XL mattresses side by side = 1 king Size mattress.

Dimensions: 39" x 80"
Twin XL Size
SmartMotion Bases Explained
What Does Queen Size Mean?
Queen size mattresses are the most popular standard size mattresses. A queen size mattress allows enough space for two (2) sleepers sharing the mattress to each have 30" or nearly 3 feet of personal sleeping space each.

Dimensions: 60" x 80"
Queen Size
SmartMotion Bases Explained
What Does King Size Mean?
Standard King size mattresses (Also known as "Eastern King") are the best for two (2) sleepers sharing the same mattress. It offers more than 3 feet of personal space (Approx: 38" inches) each. Great for couples and sleepers who love to 'Sprawl Out' while sleeping.

Dimensions: 76" x 80"
King Size
SmartMotion Bases Explained
What Does Split King Size Mean?
There are 2 mattresses side by side (left side & right side) each can be personalized to offer a different comfort level. As an example; left side firm, right side soft. Each mattress is placed on top of an independently controlled adjustable base, controlled by a wireless remote. This is the perfect solution for couples that have different mattress preferences that want complete luxury sleep.

Dimensions:2 Units | 39" x 80"
Split King Size
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